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Design On Fire 2018

The BIC® Design on Fire campaign kicked off again in 2018 with an exciting new look and feel – with a fun play on art galleries and the ‘world’s smallest canvas’ to strike a balance between an elegance quality feel and accessibility for all to get involved. The competition ran throughout the month of February and into March with entries coming through across 3 new entry categories: Best Artwork, Photography and Gag.

This year there is also a 4th category called “People’s Choice” which allows consumers and fans to help us select a 4th winner and complete the set of Design on Fire winners – the category winners will share the $10,000 prize money and then have the potential to be included in our 2018 Design on Fire range of BIC® lighters to be produced and sold across Australia and New Zealand towards the end of the year.

We’re really excited to see who this year's winners are and the resulting BIC® Design on Fire lighters range that we can produce!